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Adam C. Powell, IV

Engineering Consultant
Materials Scientist
Scientific Computing Engineer
Opennovation Principal

P.O. Box 249 Newton, MA 02464-0002

NOTE: As of December 2009, Adam Powell is full-time Chief Technology Officer at Metal Oxygen Separation Technologies, Inc. (MOxST). Opennovation is not taking any new clients at this time.
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Polymer membranes
Evaporation processes
High-performance computing

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Brief bio

Dr. Adam C. Powell, IV is an engineering consultant working in materials and high performance computing. Dr. Powell's technical background is in materials science with a focus on process technology, including applications in metals, polymers and thin films. He additionally possesses expertise in metallurgy, metal processing, polymer membranes, mechanical behavior of materials, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, physical vapor deposition, computer modeling, and high-performance computing.

His refereed publications address applications to polymer membranes, electrochemistry, solidification and casting defects, physical vapor deposition, solder wetting and solidification, and electron beam melting. Dr. Powell has developed open-source phase field, boundary element, and direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) software that enjoys widespread use in research and education around the world. Dr. Powell's expertise includes polymer membranes and porous coatings, medical devices, metal smelting and refining, and thin films. His consulting has included electrochemical smelting and refining, phase inversion processes used to make polymer membranes, and use of advanced materials in product design.

Before founding Opennovation, Dr. Powell was a Managing Engineer at Veryst Engineering LLC. Prior to joining Veryst, Dr. Powell was on the faculty of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before MIT, he was a Metallurgist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Dr. Powell remains a Visiting Assistant Professor at MIT, and is a Lecturer at Boston University, and a Foreign Cooperative Researcher at the University of Tokyo. He is a co-author of the National Academies study on Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, and is on the Editorial Board of The Open Mineral Processing Journal. He is nearly fluent in Japanese, including technical presentations, and has some reading and writing ability. As a Debian GNU/Linux Maintainer, he currently maintains a suite of high-performance scientific computing packages.

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