Opennovation: Engineering Consulting with Open Source Tools
Opennovation, short for open innovation, specializes in solving engineering problems by using open source analysis tools. For links to and reviews of open source engineering software, see The founder and Principal of Opennovation is Adam C. Powell, IV.

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Opennovation services

Engineering design consulting
If your product involves materials, mechanics, fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, or chemical processes, Opennovation can often devise straightforward design solutions to complex problems. The client can receive the parameterized design as well as a reduced-order model of its performance in the form of a simple program, a web-based application, or a spreadsheet.

Analysis and simulation
Calculating stresses, deformation dynamics, and the dynamics of fluid flow can provide insights for improving design. Opennovation's use of open source analysis software enables the use, distribution, support, and customization of those tools to meet client needs at much lower rates than expensive proprietary software suites.

Software training and support
At a seminar on open source engineering software, one can install software and learn to use it to rapidly and effectively solve engineering problems. Beyond learning, customizations such as a new material deformation model or a graphical user interface can make a product much more usable. Opennovation can provide all of these training and support services for clients.

Core competency areas

Transport phenomena
Building on years of design experience involving fluids and heat & mass transfer, Opennovation can often come to quick solutions to complex problems in this area. Principal Adam Powell is the founder and primary contributor to the Transport Phenomena Archive on the Materials Digital Library.

Finite element and boundary element modeling
Opennovation uses state-of-the-art open source parallel solvers and libraries to run complex finite element simulations in two or three dimensions, and can tailor its own in-house boundary element code called Julian to quickly solve complex problems in heat conduction, linear elastic mechanics, and electrochemistry.

Materials selection and behavior
Materials are often the most complex part of a design, as their mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical behavior is often highly nonlinear and difficult to predict. Principal Adam Powell has expertise in materials selection for optimal mechanical and thermal behavior for a given application.

Unique capabilities

Electrochemistry modeling
Quickly calculate the current density distribution in plating or electrowinning operations, or simulate the shape evolution of dendrites growing under transport-limited deposition.

Polymer membranes
Understand formation of pore structure in phase inversion processes such as immersion precipitation.

Evaporation processes
Estimate evaporation rates of alloy constituents and extent of vapor plume focusing in electron beam evaporation processes, accounting for strongly nonlinear dependence of evaporation rate on temperature and rapid changes in temperature under the scanning beam.

Calculate phase diagrams and free energies using a new open source thermodynamics program, currently capable of calculating ternary phase diagrams.

High-performance computing
Quickly bring up to speed a new cluster and modeling software, with "diskless" nodes for easy replacement in case of failure and simple administration.

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